NV's Penthouse S2DIO

Welcome to The Real NV’s Recording Studio overlooking

East London
 from Stratford City.

About The S2DIO


Vocal Booth
 was developed for the creative mind of a free spirit.

We wanted to recreate the omni limitless nature of the Universe with similarities of space, putting oneself in any place imaginable capturing real emotions and feelings.

The Vocal Booth is pitch black when shut with star lights and has been treated for total sound dampening (often confused with sound-proofing) and has no magnetic or electrical interference for a clean recording.


Foam Tiles
used in our booth are bespoke to the human voice with a more denser higher quality foam than which are available in mainstream stockist or found in most studios.

This means our tiles reduce sound reflections more on every frequency band covering 20-20KHz, giving the recording the most untreated natural dry vocal, ready for mixing to the fullest capabilities with no restrictions caused by reverberation or acoustic colouring.

Enjoy the spacious homely

Control Room
with lots of natural light shining through with a fantastic view overlooking East London.

The room is lightly decorated with ethnic art of a musical nature, with a chilled relaxing vibe.

“Minimalistic ethos without compromising quality” Just HQ industry standard equipment as needed without the clutter from outboard equipment, replaced with 64bit plug-ins and DSP’s in our custom built power tower computer, helping to maximising a clean signal in our work-flow.

Did we mention our super chill Italian Leather Sofa?

Vocal Booth Details

The World Acclaimed

 Microphone, favourite choice of the most leading Artists and Engineers. See the review here

The Reliable 

 Microphone, a big step up from the Entry level Rode NT1-A or NT1.

Industry Standard


100% No Electromagnetic or Electrical Interference (EMI).


sound dampening
and sound-proofed.

Control Room Details

Award winning 

monitors for accurate monitoring of sound.

Custom Built

15″ Passive Monitors

Custom built

i7 power computer
running the latest software and audio plugins

Unique Limited Edition

Digital Mixer
with Room Acoustic sensor, Audio FX, Mackie Control, HQ Mic Inserts, A/D 24bit

Creative Table for writing and production –

controller keyboard & foot-switch available

Acoustic treatment for less reflection in waveforms.


Weekday daytime parking is available for free but must be arranged during booking.

All Parking is Free after 6.30pm weekdays, and all day on weekends.

Food & Drink

Food & Drink is available on request, we have a Caribbean chef who can come in and prepare a meals fit for kings on request, must be arranged during booking!

We also have a local supermarket situated less than 30 seconds away.

Microwave & Fridge available.


Smoking area is located on the balcony overlooking the beautiful landscape facing east.

Recording studio Hire

£30/ph in London.

Travel expenses will be included for National and International bookings.

An additional £5/ph to the required studio service in London.

Travel expenses will be included for National and International bookings.

£40 Callout Charge + £25 per additional hour.

Replacement parts will be charged accordingly.

Equipment may need to be taken for serious repairs.

Studio Services

£30 £25

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Just Mixing

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£25 £20

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Under 13’s

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Jingles / Adverts

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Valentines OFFER
Now – 13th Feb Call

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About The Real NV

Your definitely getting more for less at The Real NV’s Penthouse S2DIO.

The Real NV has over 15 years experience as a live sound engineer/technician, and as a professional sound engineer in various studios across the UK and abroad.

Mixing genres from RnB, Hip Hop, Grime, Soul, House, Garage, UK Rap and from the early days of Jungle/D&B to Rock/Heavy Metal.

The Real NV also has over 15 Years experience in Music Tech Production & Mixing, and has successfully run local youth centre music studios, nurturing and assisting fantastic artists from predominantly Tower Hamlets – Bow who have made names for themselves in their own right in the genres of Grime, Hip Hop and RnB.

Often adhered to as:

 One of the most knowledgeable and respected Sound Engineer in the Youth Sector of Tower Hamlets 

The Real NV also has vast knowledge in psychoacoustics, sound design, computer logic, electronics & electrical engineering, computer repairs/maintenance, systems support and more.


You can email or call, but the best way to get in touch is to simply give me a whatsapp message.

+44 7539 014 334